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Roof Tiler

What is a Roof Tiler?

Roof Tilers cover structures with roof tiles, slate or shingles to form a waterproof surface. Roof Tilers install new roofs, repair existing roofs, and can even remove old roofs and replace them completely on single or multi-storey dwellings.

Examples of tasks and duties:

  • Read plans and specifications
  • Calculate and order materials using surface measurements or specifications from plans
  • Cut materials when necessary using specialised roofing tools
  • Tile, repair and renovate tile roofs including valleys and flashings

How do I get into this trade?

Solid results in Year 10 English and Maths are essential to be considered for a school-based apprenticeship in Roof Tiling. In addition, for individuals focused on entering this trade, it would be advisable for you to undertake a Certificate I in Construction. Post-school, it is recommended you complete a pre-apprenticeship course if you have no experience in this area.

What does your career prospect look like?

Completing a Roof Plumbing Apprenticeship can lead to further career opportunities such as a Business Operator or even a licensed Builder.

Things to consider:

Things to Consider - Roof Tiler