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Outcomes and pathways

Are you curious about the opportunities available to you after completing your apprenticeship? Here are some possible outcomes and pathways to get you inspired.

Outcomes and pathways for job seekers

Experience great outcomes and pathways with Mas

With Mas by your side, your apprenticeship outcomes and pathways are set to look brighter than ever. We provide career advice and can even help you find an employer via our career assessment tools — all of which is part of our Gateway Program. 

Job opportunities for apprentices

An apprenticeship is a fantastic way of earning money while working towards a nationally-recognised qualification. Allowing you to enter the industry of your dreams or upskill within your current industry, apprenticeships present excellent job opportunities in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Arts, Culture & Performance
    Key occupations include Events Promotion Officer and Assistant Broadcast Technician
  • Building and Construction
    Key occupations include Construction Assistant and Bricklayer
  • Business, Clerical and Financial Services
    Key occupations include Superannuation Agent and Tax Agent
  • Electrical, Electronics and Utilities
    Key occupations include Electrical Fitter and Gas Industry Field Worker
  • Food and Wine Processing
    Key occupations include Retail Baker and Food Processing Technician 
  • Gardening, Farming, Animals and Environment
    Key occupations include Pet Groomer and Farmhand
  • Government, Schools, Public Safety and Corrections
    Key occupations include Prison Officer and Local Government Operations Worker
  • Health, Care and Community Services
    Key occupations include Aged Care Worker and Dental Assistant
  • Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
    Key occupations include Waiter and Visitor Information Officer
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
    Key occupations include Network Technician and Help Desk Officer
  • Metal and Engineering
    Key occupations include Metal Fabricator and Locksmith
  • Property Maintenance and Management
    Key occupations include Property Manager and Pest Controller
  • Resource Mining and Processing
    Key occupations include Drilling Assistant and Plant Operator
  • Retail, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
    Key occupations include Customer Service Assistant and Visual Merchandiser
  • Sport, Recreation, Hair, Beauty and Services
    Key occupations include Fitness Trainer and Hairdresse
  • Transport, Logistics and Warehousing
    Key occupations include Warehouse Operators and Logistics Supervisor 

Apprentices are highly sought-after due to the nation’s current skills shortage, so employment prospects for qualified job seekers qualified are very promising. 

Training is not only a great way of entering a dynamic industry but can also allow you to pursue higher education. For example, successful trainees can obtain Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) with their qualification and enter a university program that they previously did not meet the entry requirements for. 

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