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Panel Beater

What is a Panel Beater?

Panel Beaters repair damage to metal, plastic and fibreglass bodywork on vehicles as well as make and form vehicle panels using machines and hand tools. They prepare the body for painting by removing dents, scratches and creases in panel work. An Apprentice Panel Beater will learn how to use specialised tools and equipment to assist in the preparation of the vehicle body.

Examples of tasks and duties:

  • Fit body kits
  • Repair or replace damaged panels, bumpers and trimmings
  • Remove dents and scratches, fill blemishes with body filer
  • Fill, file, grind and sand surfaces for painting using power and hand tools
  • Straighten chassis, panels and sub frames after accidents using mechanical and hydraulic equipment
  • Quote on repairs, repaints and modifications
  • Use oxy-acetylene and welding equipment

How do I get into this trade?

It would be advised to complete an Automotive Pre-Apprenticeship qualification as well as having solid results in Year 10 English and Maths at a minimum. This apprenticeship can also be commenced whilst completing your senior secondary studies.

What does your career prospect look like?

Once you have completed your Panel Beating Apprenticeship (Certificate III in Automotive Vehicle Body Tradesperson, Panel Beating) you will be able to work as a competent Tradesperson with an employer, and may wish to become a Business Owner in the future.

Things to consider:

Things to Consider - Panel Beater