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What is a Landscaper?

Landscapers work in a diverse range of settings to renovate and construct garden landscapes that look attractive and add value to a property. Clients range from new homes and residential estates, golf clubs, cemeteries, shopping centres, council parks and gardens, sports stadiums etc.

Examples of tasks and duties:

  • Read plans and specifications
  • Design and build new garden beds
  • Lay lawns to best suit to conditions
  • Lay paths, steps and garden edging using various materials
  • Co-ordinate the planting of new gardens and trees
  • Building features out of wood, stone, brick and metal
  • Construct garden walls, fences, pergolas and trellises
  • Install irrigation and drainage
  • Operate and maintain hand and power tools as well as specialised machinery

How do I get into this trade?

You need to complete an apprenticeship to become a qualified Landscape Tradesperson. This is done after completing a Certificate II in Landscaping whilst at school and then progressing to the apprenticeship qualification of Certificate III in Landscaping. This apprenticeship can commence whilst a student is still at school. You will need to have good results in Year 10 English and Maths.

What does your career prospect look like?

Completing your Landscaping Apprenticeship will have enabled you to develop skills and knowledge which could see you become a Supervisor or eventually, self-employed with a team of your own.

Things to consider:

Things to Consider - Landscaper