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Floor & Wall Tiler

What is a Floor & Wall Tiler?

Floor and Wall Tilers lay tiles made from various compounds such as ceramic, clay, slate, marble and glass etc. to internal and external floors and walls for decoration as well as to protect surfaces from the elements. Internal areas include the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and other high traffic areas. Colourful mosaic tiles can also be used to create works of art.

Examples of tasks and duties:

  • Read plans and specifications
  • Calculate, source and order materials
  • Lifting of old tiles where necessary in renovation projects
  • Prepare surfaces including levelling and waterproofing processes
  • Cleaning of surfaces prior to laying tiles
  • Laying of tiles using appropriate adhesive, spacers etc.
  • Cutting of tiling using hand or electric tile cutting equipment, sanding tools etc.

How do I get into this trade?

To complete a Floor and Wall Tiling Apprenticeship, you would have needed to graduate Year 10 with good results in English and Maths. Completing the Certificate I in Construction as a minimum if you have no previous work experience would be an advantage.

What does your career prospect look like?

Completing your Floor & Wall Tiling Apprenticeship will have enabled you to develop skills and knowledge within the Construction Industry which could see you become self-employed and build a team of your own or with further studies, a builder.

Things to consider:

Things to Consider - Floor & Wall Tiler