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Fibrous Plasterer

What is a Fibrous Plasterer?

Plasterers work in the Construction Industry on a wide variety of jobs. Plasterers will assemble partitions, install and finish plasterboard and gyprock sheeting to walls and ceilings in new and existing buildings. A plasterer also fills gaps and screw holes to a smooth finish reading for painting.

Examples of tasks and duties:

  • Fitting Gyprock sheeting
  • Filling cracks, gaps and blemishes in plasterboard surfaces
  • Preparing walls and ceilings for painting
  • Fitting cornicing
  • Read and work from plans
  • Calculate and order materials

How do I get into this trade?

To complete a Plastering Apprenticeship, you would have needed to graduate Year 10 with good results in English and Maths. A General Construction Pre-Apprenticeship would be highly regarded or a Certificate I in Construction as a minimum if you have no previous work experience. This apprenticeship can also be commenced by a young person still attending secondary school.

What does your career prospect look like?

Once you have completed your Fibrous Plastering Apprenticeship, some great opportunities await you. You can work as a Tradesperson employed by a Plastering sub-Contractor or with further studies, you may wish to become a Supervisor or you may even wish to become your own boss.

Things to consider:

Things to Consider - Fibrous Plasterer