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Incentives and Initiatives for Job Seekers

An Apprenticeship could be more accessible than you think, thanks to a range of government incentives and initiatives for job seekers. 

Incentives and initiatives for job seekers

Funding for Australian Apprentices

In addition to being able to earn while learning, there are many other incentives and initiatives for job seekers. Funding is available for Australian Apprentices, with the government seeking to fill skills shortages and increase workforce participation. 

For example, mature age grants allow people to reskill or enter a new industry at a later age.  The Additional Identified Skills Shortage Payment is available to eligible Australian Apprentices and employers working in occupations experiencing national skills shortages. 

Federal and state funding is available, contact us today – we’re ready to help you identify what you could be eligible for. 

State & Federal Incentives for Australian Apprentices

Some key federal incentives and subsidies include (but are not limited to:

In addition to federal funding, you may also be able to access funding in your specific state or territory. Some examples include the Trade Apprentice Vehicle Discount in Victoria or the Travel & Accommodation Subsidy, which varies from state to state. 

Additional funding may also be available for Australian Apprentices:

  • Of an Indigenous Australian background
  • From a rural, regional and remote areas
  • From low socio-economic circumstances
  • Living with a disability 
  • Of a mature age
  • Who are in school

For specific details on the amounts available, see our Summary of incentives and allowances for Australian Apprentices. For personalised information, Mas can help you identify which incentives or initiatives you are eligible for.

Contact us today to find out more about incentives you could claim.